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A one-piece, silent, and effective breast pump that really works? Yes, ONE PIECE. Too good to be true, right? Breastfeeding moms have all been used to manual breast pumps that have multiple parts that need to be cleaned, sterilized, and assembled properly or else they wouldn’t work. Same with electric pumps that have many parts as well, plus the electric cord and the noisy operation. We almost accepted that it’s just how they should be. But not anymore!

The HaaKaa Silicone Breast Pump will make nursing mommas go “Where has this pump been all my life?”, with its outright simplicity, portability, and effectiveness in collecting breastmilk. So how does it work?

t’s most intriguing feature is that fact that it’s really just ONE PIECE. No cords, no other parts, no bottle or container to connect with. The breast shield and catching container are made into one silicone piece. That’s it!

Because it’s one-piece, you wouldn’t have to guess how to operate it. You just have to position the shield into the breast, give it a good squeeze, and the pump will take care of the suction while your milk flow is ongoing. And the milk goes right into the catcher. No need to work your hands every second by squeezing. Just leave it alone! But you can check it every time and reposition when needed.

Now that you know how to use it, you can just take it anywhere. It’s one-piece compact form makes it the ultimate portable breast pump. It’s very easy to clean and sterilize, and it’s dishwasher-safe too. It’s made with 100% food-grade silicone, which is safe, eco-friendly, and free from any harmful chemicals like BPA, PVC and phthalates. Only the good for baby’s health and the environment, just like what the HaaKaa brand is all about.

Can you believe how simple life would be with this HaaKaa silicone breast pump? It saves you time from cleaning and assembling so many parts, finding a plug, figuring out how to use them while travelling, and then cleaning and disassembling and packing them up again. It’s silent operation means not unnecessarily waking up your sleeping baby and not disturbing the other people in your home. And the ease of squeezing it only once in a while lets you pump virtually hands-free so you can do other things while collecting milk. If you’re feeding your baby directly with one breast, this pump can also catch the milk dripping from your other breast without having to hold it at all.

HaaKaa is a mom-and-baby brand from New Zealand. It’s name comes from the word “Haka”, which is a traditional war dance by the country’s Maori people, which is a way for them to affirm their strength as a tribe. Just like their silicone breast pump, all HaaKaa products are made to be safe and eco-friendly, making them good for mothers and kids, and helping the planet be more sustainable for our children’s future.



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