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When our great grandparents used to cloth diaper their babies, diaper rashes were unheard of, and toilet-training was naturally easier. Those were the awesome advantages of traditional cloth diapering. But then some inconveniences were probably accidental messes and leaks, frequency of washing, and time spent on washing, as industrial development started taking much of our time working for a living other than caring for children.

So along came disposable diapers that are made with chemical ingredients that amazingly absorb wetness, but aren’t proven safe and are even found to have long-term health effects. And alarmingly, disposable diapers make up a large portion of our landfills. Eventually, this led to a wake-up call to revisit the good old ways of cloth diapering, and fortunately with greater improvement and more options to suit every family. Amazingly, you’re in for a lot of options and more savings!

A classic Thirsties All-in-One cloth diaper for example, has several layers of absorbent fabrics to keep baby’s skin dry for as long as possible. These layers are made up of 4 microfiber terry layers (3 inner soakers plus 1 microfleece layer on top), a stay-dry microfleece liner, and a waterproof but breathable TPU laminate exterior that is free from VOC’s, PVC, phthalates, lead, and latex. It also has a gentle elastic around the waist and each leg to prevent leakage.

The Thirsties Duo Wrap diaper cloth cover also gives parents more options with the type of inserts they would like to use it with. There’s hemp insert and hemp prefold which are both made of 45% organic cotton and 55% hemp which is naturally antimicrobial and several times more absorbent than cotton. There’s also the stay-dry duo insert, which is a two-insert system, one made of two layers of microfiber terry topped with microfleece, and the other made with 5 layers of the same 55% hemp and 45% cotton jersey for the underside. While the Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted has the same absorbent layers of the classic Thirsties All-in-One, and can also be paired with an insert to further maximize absorbency and wetness protection.

Thirsties cloth diapers conveniently come in just one size from newborn to toddlerhood. There’s no need to buy a new size every time as a Thirsties One Size All-in-One cloth diaper grows with your baby. It has built-in closures all around so it’s adjustable to perfectly fit baby’s waist and thighs. This fits well for babies weighing at least 8 pounds (4 kg). But for smaller babies weighing at least 5 pounds (2 kg), the Thirsties Newborn All-In-One can fit babies perfectly from 0 to 3 months. For Thirsties Duo, it comes in two sizes (Size 1 for 6-8 kg, and Size 2 for 8-18 kg).

And speaking of built-in closures, you can choose between hook & loop, or snap. All Thirsties One Size and Newborn cloth diapers have both options, and also the Thirsties Duo cloth diaper cover. Choosing between these two types of closures is very important based on your personal convenience. Hook & loop closures are more easily adjustable than than the rigid snap closures, but the latter locks securely even after years of use with your next babies. It’s a matter of how long you would need a cloth diaper, but having both kinds of closures would be great too!

And the most exciting of all is the various options for style! Thirsties cloth diapers are available in so many single colours and stylishly fun patterns that are hard to ignore. Who says going green with cloth diapering isn’t healthier, more fun, and more convenient with all these options?



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