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If you are a new parent, it’s just hard not to worry about baby’s common discomforts like stuffy nose, gassiness, fever, and all things that make your munchkin fussy. But that’s what’s going to train you into his trusted doctor mom, so fret not! And if you’re hesitant about giving baby relief through oral and topical medication, so are most cautious moms like me! That’s why I make sure to exhaust all non-invasive means first to address baby’s common discomforts. And for quality baby devices that are safe, gentle, and easy to use, FridaBaby got us covered.

Take stuffy nose for example. This makes an infant hard to breathe properly, and sadly he can’t blow his own nose yet. Cotton buds and nasal aspirators won’t do the trick in an instant, and not even safely and neatly. An awesome non-invasive tool is the NoseFrida, which is a genius SnotSucker invented by a Swedish ENT pediatrician. Unlike with aspirators that use bulbs which may grow bacteria from collecting snot inside, you are able to control the NoseFrida’s suction pressure, and it’s especially hygienic. The snotsucker is only inserted up to baby’s external nose area, and then mom simply sucks out the snot by sucking through the BPA-free mouthpiece. It also has a disposable filter aka booger catcher, which helps prevent germs from spreading. It’s more efficient in clearing baby’s stuffy nose, plus all the reusable parts are easy to clean!

Another common cause of fuss is baby’s gass tummy. Colic, bloating, tummy ache, whatever it is. His digestive system is just developing, and so he’s unable to burp and fart on his own and it’s quite a painful discomfort for him. And as doctor moms, there’s something we can always do! Not just to ease baby’s ouchies, but to free ourselves from figure-it-out stress as well. The Windi is an instant “gaspasser” that’s safe to use on baby, ditching the need to use gas drops and other topical applications that take a while to work if it does at all. It works like how you would apply a rectal thermometer, and in an instant baby’s fart would be released! Bye bye colicky fuss, and hello to happier times.

And when it comes to nasty fevers which require tedious monitoring, the FeverFrida Thermonitor makes mom’s sleepless nights more manageable, and not so sleepless anymore. It’s smart because it’s wearable with the hypoallergenic fever patch that can be safely put under baby’s arm, and this timely communicates the reading to mom’s smartphone via bluetooth! This simple system through the iThermonitor app, also includes pre-set temperature alerts, medicine reminders, and fever management tips. This is such a genius way of baby fever monitoring because it allows mom more sleep, instead of having to get up every single time just to check if baby is hot or not so much yet. And not to mention, it’s accurate in reading temperature, and is FDA-approved!

Amazeballs much? These FridaBaby products are so refreshing because they offer baby care solutions in cool new ways, and more importantly they’re more convenient to use! Check out more innovative parenting tools from FridaBaby: The NailFrida SnipperClipper set for easier and pain-free nail grooming, Fridet the Buttwasher for mess-free potty-training, Fridet the MomWasher for comfortable postpartum relief, and more. Being a doctor mom has never been easier, and not to mention more hygienic!



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