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Getting rid of plastic in the household is a very noble commitment yet a tough thing to consistently live by, hopefully just at this present time. While there are so many alternative resources to plastic, another question that we should ask ourselves is this: are our alternative materials to plastic renewable?

For example, the best alternatives to plastic when it comes to kitchenware and tableware are ceramics, glass, stainless steel and silicone. They are all awesome alternatives! Doesn’t it bother you that when you dispose these things, they need to be discarded properly and recycled systematically. That’s a great thing though, but aren’t there any other materials that are more naturally made, totally renewable and easily recyclable? There is!

EKOBO, a French maker of sustainable home products made of bamboo, gives us an awesome solution for environmental concerns. Check out these awesome eco-sustainable products they got for our little ones, under their BIOBU line:

BIOBU Bambino by EKOBO

BIOBU Bambino offers a complete set of tableware essentials for kids. They have plates, bowls and cups in a variety of beautiful colors. Made from biodegradable bamboo fiber and 100% food-grade melamine binder. They’re dishwasher-safe, but not microwave-safe. We suggest heating the food in your ceramic serving plate before serving it on these bamboo plates.

These bamboo tableware goodies are available in individual pieces and in four-pack sets of different colors. They’re colorful not only for the kids, but they’re also stylish for parents and cool adults to use kid-sized plates for desserts and salads, 20oz. bowls for cereals and 4oz. cups for fruity snacks and punch. They’re also great for the family to use in picnics.


Another original and awesome must-have for kids is their line of beach toys. If your family is going to the beach, which is supposedly an unexploited part of nature, why bring plastic toys? We hope you haven’t gotten your kids plastic buckets and shovels yet, because the BIOBU Animo bamboo beach toys are cuter and more unique.

Bucket Pelican is not your ordinary beach bucket. This yellow thing sure looks like a pelican! It makes gathering water more fun for imaginative play. And to add more excitement, you just might as well get your munchkin a sand play set of three sea creature shovels to keep the pelican company: a manta ray shovel named Ray, a turtle sifter called Shelley, and a whale scoop named Moby! A word of warning though, your child might be the envy of all the other kids in the beach.

Ekobo is an eco-responsible company that designs contemporary products from a renewable resource: bamboo. Their extensive product lines range from kitchenware, tableware, bath accessories, decorative furniture and lighting, and of course cute products for kids (BIOBU line).

All Ekobo products are free from BPA, PVC, phthalates, petroleum, and all other harmful chemicals.

What else is there to find? This French brand makes super stylish products that make a contemporary home stand out, and all their products are guilt-free because of their 100% sustainability.



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