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Enjoy Nail SPA Bonding at Home with Piggy Paint Pedi Set

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For once in a young girl's life, she will want to try acting like a grownup. She would start putting on her mom's makeup and outfits in front of mom's vanity mirror. A girl may have her own favourite female celebrities that she's dying to imitate, but surely her first favourite woman to mimic is her mom. However, there are certain personal mom stuff that just won't be perfectly appropriate for little girls, like makeup that might irritate their skin, and clothes and shoes that just won't perfectly fit them. Good thing, there's one "grownup stuff" that mom and daughter can delightfully share: a fun-coloured nail polish and a pampering pedi!

But you know, little girls are still kids that love to run and play, and it’s impossible for their hands and feet not to get rough and dirty. And with that, it may be a challenge to have their nails painted, especially if they want it so badly. We can't let them down now that they've turned their girly mode on! So how do we deal with this? Well, let's take this as an opportunity to teach them the importance of washing the hands and having a pedicure treatment, just like how grownups do before they get their nails painted. Show her how a pedicure is done in a nail salon so that she'll believe you, and surprise her with her very own Piggy Paint Pedi Set!

Tell your little girl that you're going to play "nail salon", where you're the pedicure specialist and she's the princess customer. Give her feet a nice wash like a foot spa treatment, where she can soak her feet in a basin of warm soapy water for a few minutes while you play soothing music or sing her favourite songs together. And then gently brush her feet with the Piggy Paint pedi brush to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells, and to soften her feet and toes. Introduce to her the cutesy pink heart-designed Piggy Paint foot file which will gently exfoliate by smoothening the edges of her feet and to treat heel cracks. After the wash and scrub, your princess will feel really pampered and ready for nail treatment.

If your daughter dislikes getting her nails trimmed, she might change her mind if you show her how to use the Piggy Paint nail file. She'll enjoy smoothening her toenails and she might even beg you to have her nails trimmed again in the future. And finally, her toenails are ready for painting! But first, let her use the Piggy Paint toe separator if she wants to paint her toenails herself. This will guide her little hands and avoid too much mess while painting, and also helps in the drying process to remind her that it's not yet time to run her feet around again!

Piggy Paint is a mom-made and mom-approved brand of natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic water-based nail polish for kids. Unlike common solvent-based kid polishes, it's free from formaldehyde, toluene, BPA, phthalates, ethyl acetate and acetone. It's the kind of nail polish that you can use with your girl for how often as she wants, without worrying about your child's health and the environment. Piggy Paint offers a wonderful range of kid-loved colours so it provides for fun bonding with mom and daughter. But if you want a totally indulging nail spa experience, make sure to use your Piggy Paint Pedi Set with it!



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