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Turn Your Baby Feeding-Time Into a Fun-Learn-Time with NumNum Dips Spoon

“Having a baby is best thing that ever happened to parents”, you probably heard this over and over again from all parents you will meet in your lifetime. And if you are single, after your friends (married and with kids) will tell you this they will then try to convince you how parenthood can be the best and most [...]

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MAM Training Cup And Learn to Brush Set

Any mom knows that transitioning your baby from a bottle or breast feeding to a sippy cup isn’t always an easy one. Moms also know that teething and oral care go hand in hand, even if you’re under the age of one. MAM makes amazing products that can assist with both of these baby/toddler milestones.MAM makes [...]

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Natural Protection to Your Summer Skin

School year is almost over, this means summer is looming. During this time most families are bound for their annual vacation while others are planning for their weekend outdoor getaways, it might be in their backyard, parks nearby or to the beaches. Regardless of your destination, your family’s protection against heat of the sun, insects’ bites, rashes and bruises [...]

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Babytime by Episencial

Mammals have evolved uniquely so as to respond to a certain set of stimuli. Mammalian offspring require extended care giving from their parental figures and as such are so designed to respond to soft touch and nurturing gestures. As human beings qualify as mammals, our babies bond with us better when we nourish them in a tactile sense.Touch is perhaps the [...]

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How to Warm Drinks and Food for Babies While On-The-Go

Most babies and toddlers like to drink warm milk, while some babies are different. So if you are a mom whose kids used to drinking warm drinks, this is a challenge. In the house not so much of a problem because you have microwave and range that you can warm the drinks pretty quickly. But when you are on-the-go [...]

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Is Your Toddler Ready for Potty Training?

The toddler years can be some of the most difficult for parents. This is the time in which your child is running around the house, beginning to talk, and the time they become ready to begin potty training. Potty training can be one of the hardest learning processes for young children and their parents. Finding [...]

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Online Baby Products: Jump on the Cloth Diaper Trend

When parents think about cloth diapers they typically think about the cloth diapers that they grew up wearing. These diapers were not much more than a piece of cloth held together by clothespins. Within the past 10 years there has been a huge advancement in cloth diapers. As such, many parents are choosing this environmentally [...]

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Innovative New Tree Hopper Toys

Play time is an integral aspect of childhood and vital to every child’s development. When children play, they boost their cognitive functions and activate areas of the brain linked to creativity, imagination, confidence boosting, memory, spatial awareness and problem solving skills. Despite the commonly acknowledged phrase ‘child’s play’, play itself is not only about fun (although it is of course [...]

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Adiri’s range of colourful, funky cups help boost bottle time

Adiri is a highly heralded company that has provided high-quality baby essentials for infants all over the world. Adiri’s creator John Prentiss believed that a baby’s bottle should function similarly to the mother’s breast and due to his tenacity, innovation and foresight developed a range of products that function as well as feel exactly like the real thing. As a [...]

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Ideas to Fill Easter Baskets

Easter is just around the corner. What are your plans for your loved ones? When I say love ones, I mean your family members like your kids, parents, siblings and friends. Or is there an occasion that you are going to go to like family gatherings or kids parties? We have picked some items for your consideration to [...]

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