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Which Pacifier Should I Buy For My Baby?

Pacifiers are one of the many products that are necessary when you bring your baby home. Pacifiers are a wonderful way to help comfort your child when they need to be calmed down. Every company has come out with one or more styles of pacifier. With easy access to online baby products how do you [...]

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BPA and Your Babies Health

There are thousands of online baby products to choose from when you have a new baby. As a concerned parent, how do you choose the right online baby products for your child? Baby products should be free of chemicals such as BPA that is commonly found in plastics, other processed chemicals, and products with small [...]

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Why parents are jumping for joy with Ju-Ju-Be bags

Every woman knows that a bag is an essential accessory; this fact is exemplified ten-fold when you become a mother! Parents’ Favorite is stocking a range of bags from the exquisite Ju-Ju-Be line, made for parents and babies on the go! All bags are ideal for carrying lunch, beverages and other essentials and are funky and fun enough that you can [...]

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Alba Botanica Sunscreen - Natural Sunscreens for You Family’s Protection

Spring is around the corner, which means summer will not be long either. Sunscreen is one of the products that we have in our medical kits or on bathroom counters. This is as important as our lotions and other skin moisturizers. Our family doctor even suggested us to put on sunscreen all the time even if we think [...]

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Protect Your Baby From The Sun

Protecting your child’s sensitive skin from the sun is incredibly important. For new parents, infants under the age of six months should not be out in direct sunlight. Babies older than six months can begin to wear sunscreen. Many parents are worried about the chemicals and additives that are found within sunscreen for children. These [...]

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Hello Kitty Merchandise Makes the Perfect Companion for Thirsty Kids

Hello Kitty is a firm favourite of children and adults alike. The fictional Kitty is a Japanese creation that has spawned an entire franchise including a wildly popular television show and a succession of merchandise that has found fame worldwide. Parents’ Favorite stocks a variety of goods emblazoned with the cute character including a Hello Kitty thermos, character cup and [...]

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Tote Your Tot in Style

Having a young child can make going places much more difficult. Mothers and fathers have to pack up the diaper bag and plan for the day ahead. Just hitting the road might mean that you are missing the essentials to get your tot through the day. Purchasing everything you need for your baby at online [...]

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The Munchkin Light My Way Portable Nightlight – Keeping Children Cosy and Comforted All Night Long

Fear of the dark and night terrors are very common in children. Most parents will be familiar with children’s cries or the hushed rush of footsteps as your brood bandy into your bed. Children are highly imaginative and creative and also highly attuned to the tiniest of environment changes; a shadow becomes a monster, a foxes call becomes a siren. [...]

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Chewbeads, The Newest Fashion Trend For Mothers

As your child grows they will begin to explore the surrounding world by sticking everything into their mouths. As they get a little older and their teeth begin to come in, they will gnaw on anything they can get their hands on. When they chew and gnaw their gums feel much better. When babies begin [...]

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Organic Cotton and Wooden Toys that Save the Earth and Spare Boredom

Play time is precious to children. The average child’s life revolves around eating, sleeping and playing. At school we allocate pre-determined play periods whereby a child can socialise with other children and run wild. Play time is so integral to children because it helps them formulate essential skills; independence, autonomy, confidence, problem solving and social skills.Children typically first begin to play [...]

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